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Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova

Born on August 10th 1962, graduated from the Law Faculty of Bucharest University, Romania (1992); Doctor of Law, Moldova State University (2006).

Head of Department of Private Law of the Law Faculty of Moldova State University (2010-2019); Lecturer, Superior Lecturer, Associate professor of the Law Faculty of Moldova State University (1992-2019); Lawyer, member of the Moldovan Bar Association (1993-2019); member of the Commission of certification within the Ministry of Finances (2014-2016); President of the Disciplinary Board of Judges (2010-2014); Member of the Scientific Advisory Council within the Supreme Court of Justice (2007-2012); Member of the Lawyer Licensing Commission (2005-2006); Member of the Working group for the elaboration of the Civil Code, the Law on the real estate cadaster, the Law on Limited Trading Companies, the Law on waters.

Author and co-author of over 75 scientific and didactic publications, including: "Business Law"; "The Establishment of trading companies in the Republic of Moldova"; "The Bankruptcy Institution in the legislation of the Republic of Moldova"; "Civil Law. General Part. Natural person. Legal person"; "Civil Law. Principal real rights"; "Civil Code Commentary"; "Law on Limited Trading Companies Commentary".

Named judge of the Constitutional Court by the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova Nr. 404 of 15.08.2019.




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