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The Press Service of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, following the request of several media outlets to comment on Moldova,s Presidential Election of 2016, comes up with a number of clarifications regarding the procedures for confirming the results of the election of the President of Moldova:

Pursuant to Article 135.e of the Constitution, the Constitutional Court confirms the results of presidential elections in Moldova.

In this regard, in accordance with Article 110 of the Electoral Code, the election results are aggregated by the Central Electoral Commission in a report. Within 3 days following the signing date, the report of the election results is submitted before the Constitutional Court for confirmation.

Under Article 111 of the Electoral Code, within 10 days following the receipt of documents from the Central Electoral Commission, but not earlier than the final settlement by the courts of law of the submitted challenges in conformity with the procedures provided by law, the Constitutional Court confirms or invalidates, by an Opinion, the legality of the elections.

Legal provisions explicitly provide for all challenges regarding electoral violations to be settled exclusively by the courts of law and that these do not fall within the competence of the Constitutional Court. In turn, the Court shall rule on the confirmation of the election results only following the exhaustion of all litigations in ordinary courts.

Stemming from the stated legal provisions and given the limited terms for a challenge, the Court warns voters and electoral candidates on the exclusive competence of the courts of law to examine the complaints regarding the organisation and conduct of the elections pursuant to the Electoral Code.

This press-release is also available in its original version - in Romanian language.

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